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Pet Bottle Blowing Moulds

 Product Name:Pet Bottle Blowing Moulds
 Model No:DMK-Blowing Mould
 Port:Ningbo or Shanghai
 Mini Order:1 Set
 Delivery:1 Month
 Packing:Wooden case
 Transportation:By sea
 Function:For Making PET Bottle
 Export Market:Global

PET Bottle Blowing

We use the CAD designing software and CAM processing for the PET blowing mould. The mould is made of stainless steel or aluminum which makes the bottle with polishing surface and clear-cut shape. With water circulation device, it shortened the shaping time of bottle and guarantees the quality.

The advantages of aluminum: good capacity of heat transmission, and light weight speed up the mould processing. The nice cooling system improved the quality.

The advantages of stainless steel: nice capacity of corrosion proof keeps running of the watercourse under the difficult circumstance, good polishing perfects the surface of the mould.

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