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Full Servo Blowing Machine

 Product Name:Full Servo Blowing Machine
 Model No:SFL3, SFL4, SFL6
 Port:Ningbo or Shanghai
 Delivery:2 Months
 Packing:Wooden Case
 Transportation:By Sea
 Function:For Making 0.3-2L Pet Bottle
 Payment:T/T or L/C
 Certification:CE, ISO 9001
It's used for the produce of PET water bottle, hot-fill bottle, CSD, drinking oil and pesticide bottle
Feature:it’s the only one that adopts all servo control system in China, with stalbe structure and high speed, the way
of PID self-feedback nonstop heating can make use of the infrared heating efficiently, which is energy saving and easy to maintain , the equiped mold is very flexible which can meet the needs of non-stop inline produce. The touchable screen control and temperature adjustment simplified the temperature adjustment for different bottle blowing.
First invented rotary preform infeeding structure in China, which is very stable and reliable and applicable of different size of preform.
The servo conveying system with high accuracy of position,quick speed and good stability, as there is no air resource which is energe saving and with low maintenance charge.
Servo motor controls the stretch rod to stretch the preform.The advantage is: it can stretch the
preform by phase, firstly, position the preform,make the preform in a vertical position, then second stretch.By this way it guaranteed the stretch of the preform evenly and consistently .The stretch speed is very fast and accurate.
The carrier and carrier head is separate , which can changed different carrier head in a short time,the speed of the carrier rotation device is changeable which can adjust the rotation speed of the preform and make sure that the preforms are heated evenly.
The reversal structure design is easy for the adjustment of the height of the lamp and the distance
between the lamp and preform and also for lamp change. The non-stop heating mode guaranteed every
preform can be heated evenly, the gap between preforms is very small and energy saving. There is apretecting for for neck screw, which can pretect the neck screw from deformation while heating.
First class air supply
Technical Parameter:
base on 600ML Output Bottle/Hr 2500(5L) 4000-5000 6000-7000
Forming Specification Clamping stroke mm 220 150 150
Stretching stroke mm 350 330 330
Bottom stroke mm 30-50 30-50 30-50
Cavity pcs 3 4 6
Cavity spacing mm 190.5 127 127
Bottle specification Max.container volume L 5 2 2
Max.neck diameter mm 45 30 30
Max.container diameter mm 165 105 105
Max.container height mm 350 330 330
Max.perform height mm 180 150 150
Electrical specification Heating boxes pcs 4 4 6
Heating lamps pcs 12 10 10
Maximum heating power KW 100 102 126
Total power KW 125 125 150
Actual power consumption KW 60-80 40-60 60-90
Electrical voltage / Frequency V 380(50Hz) 380(50Hz) 380(50Hz)
Air pressure specification Operataiting low pressure kg/c㎡ 7 7 7
Low pressure consuming ltr/min 2000 2000 3000
Blowing pressure kg/c㎡ 35 35 35
High pressure consuming ltr/min 6000 6000 8000
Chilly water specification Operating pressure kg/c㎡ 2~4 2~4 2~4
Temperature 10 10 10
Flow rater kcal/hr 40000 45000 55000
Machine specification Machine dimension m 5.5 x2.5x2.8 4.9 x2.4x2.6 6.5 x2.4x2.6
Machine weight T 7 6 8
Keywords: Full Servo Blowing Machine, Electromotion Blowing Machine

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